Faucets and Fixtures

A typical faucet replacement would go like this: Turn off the water source. With the right tool, loosen the nuts and bolts which hold the faucet in place. After when the faucet is loose, you can remove the old faucet and clean the area. This is your opportunity to remove molds and slimes that could build up and contaminate the faucet.

Then attach the replacement faucet. Check the parts of the new faucet for completeness and for compatibility. If it has a hose, attach the hose first. Analyze how to install it. Attaching faucet is just like a puzzle and their pieces go one-way. So it is impossible to get them mixed up. Just be careful not to lose the small parts. Secure the faucet with nuts and bolts. The materials used for attachment may depend on the faucet technology you have used, Once you have put it in place, it is important that you check its functionality.